Best used cars models & makers to sell in Dubai easily

Dubai is the financial hub in middle east and best city to find top-class and luxurious cars. With so many options available, from American companies to Europeans car makers, potential buyers who are not well-versed in automotive, feel it as a challenging experiencing in deciding which new car to buy in the UAE. People of Dubai whether they are locals, residents or foreigners, prefer to drive their own vehicle. Dubai is the richest city of UAE and its people are car enthusiast so they are always looking for the best car brands. Most people like to change their vehicles every 3 years and that is the reason that used cars are also cheap in Dubai. So, if you are someone who change cars often, you might want to consider how much value a car will have after some years of use before you buy it.

Used cars with best resale value

Here is list of top car models you can buy in 2021 with lower depreciate per cent in the first year.


When it comes to most reliable car for middle class in UAE, Nissan cars are first choice for most of the people. The most popular brand with best resell values are

Some of the other brands and models are Sell your used car in Dubai - Best car models with great resell value in Dubai