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Terms & Conditions

Who we are

Veryeasycar.com is a website (Referred to "Very Easy Car" and/or "فيري ايزي كار") Operated by both companies

- Very Easy Car Used automobile Trading. Registered in Dubai, UAE, Register No. 1311091, License No. 793115.

- Very Easy Car Auctions Organizing, Registerd in Dubai, UAE, Register No. 1316707, License No. 795597.

adrress of both companies:  Abd Al Jaleel Mahdi Mohammad Al Asmawi Building, Office 217, Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and P.O.Box 126080.


               A) General conditions

Using Very Easy Car website means you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions contained herein. The Site is entitled to update and review the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. We will update the terms and conditions periodically and you must review it from time to time to be updated with the latest version of the terms and conditions. Before purchasing or selling a vehicle to veryeasycar.com, you must verify all information that may be important in making your purchase or sale decision, Very Easy Car is not responsible for any hidden defects and makes no warranty, or guarantee for any of the vehicles offered on the Site.


               B) Services of Selling and Buying

Very Easy Car brings together car dealers, car rental companies, auto exporters, and other automotive companies who want to buy or sell cars along with car consumers at one website for trading cars.

The site provides the services of (Selling and Buying cars) in addition to some other services

Buyer: is anyone who has a desire to purchase a car on/from Very Easy Car.

Seller: is anyone who has a desire to sell a car on/to Very Easy Car.


1- Selling a car for Very Easy Car

- In order to sell your car you need to visit our website Veryeasycar.com and follow the necessary steps to get online car evaluation and an initial price, based on the information you provided, the price we offer through our website is not a final price, but an estimated market price based on the approximate market situation and our experience in buying cars, in order to obtain the final price, we have to do a professional inspection of the car by one of our experts inspectors, taking into consideration some important point, for example.. Specifications of the car (GCC - imported), the efficiency of some important parts (Engine, Gear, chassis, etc.), efficiency of some electrical parts inside the car, and any hidden defects are unclear when we evaluate your car through thewebsite.

- Upon completion of inspection, one of our employees will be able to give you the final purchase price of your car and therefore Very Easy Car have the right to cancel the offer we provided you in the event of any hidden defects in the car we could find later.

- If you wish to sell your car without having to get a pre-evaluation, you can visit our office No. 217 at Al Asmawi building, Umm Al Shief, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE at any time during working hours, then one of our experts inspectors can inspect your car and provide you with the final purchase price, then completing the sale if you agreed with our offer.

- it’s the seller responsibility to transfer the ownership of the car to the buyer when delivering the car, in addition, signing of all documents required to complete the purchase process.

Very Easy Car is not responsible for any irregularities irrigated or any other outstanding amounts on the selling car, Very Easy Car is committed of transferring the full agreed amount upon selling the car through two ways you can choose between:

First: A secured bank transfer to your bank account (Please note that bank transfers may take two working days or more from the date of sale and Very Easy Car is not responsible for the delay caused by the bank's work).

Second: Cash, in case of availability within the branches of the company.


2- Buying a car from Very Easy Car

- in order to enjoy purchasing cars you have to register in our website and to activate your membership then you will be allowed to access the largest used car purchasing platform, after activating your account with veryeasycar.com you will be able to determine the amount you want to pay for each car; If your price is accepted and was the highest among the bidders, the sale of the car will be confirmed to you.

- When making an offer of buying a car from veryeasycar.com you are obliged in all cases to complete the transaction in case the seller agrees to the price you made, very easy car reserves the right to cancel or reject any offer for any reason at his discretion. The website is entitled at all times to cancel or postpone the sale of any car without any obligation or liability towards it, very Easy Car is not responsible for any damage to the cars after delivery, and the buyer is considered to have accepted the purchase of the vehicle in its current state (as it is) upon completion of the sale on the website, then the car is ready to be received.

- When buying a car from Very Easy Car you must pay within 48 hours from the date of purchase and in the event of non-payment during this period we will be entitled to resell the car and offer it to any other party, we also would be entitled to deduct the full or part of the security deposit, you will be responsible for paying any loss resulting from non-payment.

Very Easy Car inspect all cars accurately by one of its expert inspectors prior to placing cars on the website for outbidding. Therefore, you understand and agree that despite our thorough inspection of the cars and considering that we are a mere broker Very Easy Car does not guarantee the accuracy, thoroughness, legality or safety of the vehicles offered for sale. You understand and agree that Very Easy Car does not guarantee the condition and/or quality of the cars or services offered for sale through this website. Therefore, we recommend you to be careful when thinking about any purchase decision through our website.


Membership: In order to obtain membership, benefit from the advantages and to purchase cars from Very Easy Car; you must be a person completed 18 and/or older, Very easy car have the right of refusing to grant membership to any person at its own discretion.

- Registration: In order to register, you must fill out all the required information correctly and completely, and to follow all the registration steps, also you need to pay a refundable deposit so that you can access our used car purchasing platform.

In case you asked for a refund; the deposit will be refunded within 10 working days upon prior request, after settling any obligations towards very easy car.

- VeryEasyCar reserves the right to suspend or cancel your account at any time and to confiscate full security deposit in case of providing us with information contrary to what was mentioned previously or in the event of fraud or talking to our customers or causing any material losses or losses in the reputation of the company.

Very easy car is entitled to set registration or renewal fees at any time without prior notice.

- When you complete the registration process, the website will automatically list your name as a dealer and you will begin to receive notifications about the cars offered for sale or any other service on our website.

- Upon completion of the registration process, we will provide you with username and password which allows you to use the features of the website and to purchase cars, it is your full responsibility to protect your username and password, control all activities that are conducted through your account since Very Easy Car is not responsible in all cases For any security breach or loss or damage resulting from not complying with what is stated in this paragraph.


D) Fees, costs, and delivery

Fees and Charges: There may be certain costs or fees that the website will incur. Therefore, registering on the Very Easy Car website is a commitment to agree to any fees or charges for its services (purchase fees, sales charges, transfer fees, storage charges, Or any other fees and charges) you must check any fees the site requests at all times.

- Delivery: veryeasycar.com provides car delivery service as a free service within the United Arab Emirates after coordination with our office about the date of the delivery, and the site may at any time impose any fees on this service when necessary at his own discretion, the site delivers the car purchased to the buyer person exclusively Or any person authorized by him.


            E) Inquiries and complaints

If you have any questions or complaints, please send it directly to [email protected] or call us at 04-3322210 or send us a letter to our Main Office No 217,  Sheikh Zayed Road, Umm Al Sheif, Al Asmawi building, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.